Dora is back with new fun games for girls

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In case you didn’t know, Dora is a fun loving fictional 8 year old girl who is also the main character in various exciting and educational Dora games for girls. Your young ones can have fun together with Dora and learn a skill or two with the help of games like Dora Cake, where she’ll teach your kid the basics of baking a delicious cake or Dora Hand Injuries which was developed to show children how to heal a minor hand injury in a more playful way.

Dora rescue squad game screenshotDora Rescue Squad

The main goal of Dora Rescue Squad is to help a monkey who has had an accident and is in need of urgent medical attention. Exit the medical tent and run to rescue a poor little monkey by first collecting all the medicine kits scattered around the area. The gameplay is not overly complicated, but can definitely provide a challenge for a child because sometimes a med-kit isn’t accessible by simply jumping to it so your kid has to do a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

Injection Learning With Dora ScreenshotInjection Learning With Dora

There is literally no better way to make your kid get used to receiving injections from doctors than to have them play through this hilarious injection learning game where you need to slap your patients butt before giving an injection in order locally numb the pain. It’s a game that tests your reflexes as well as your ability to multitask because as the level progresses, you are required to do injections faster while at the same time keeping an eye on the syringe as it keeps running out of medicine. If that happens simply refill your needle and continue until the time runs out.

Dora Vegetable Planting Game ScreenshotDora Vegetable Planting

Since it’s spring time and a lot of us are getting our hands dirty again in the garden, I decided to include Dora Vegetable Planting in this review as well. It’s a perfect game to teach your child the basics of gardening without having to worry about the mess that would otherwise result by letting them run amok in the garden and greenhouse. This game teaches the proper use of gardening tools and how to apply fertilizer before putting seeds in the dirt. Make sure to let your kid have a go at this the next time you want to go out gardening- it’s guaranteed to keep them busy the entire time!


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