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Who is a transcriber?

someone who makes a written version of spoken material

As a transcriber you basically have to type down everything that is being spoken and you usually need to do it pretty fast too, to keep up with the speakers.


Do I need a special license?

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Usually yes. It’s a common requirement to have some sort of a license that proves you are good enough to be hired to transcribe documents for someone, but at Scribie it’s not a requirement! All it takes for you to become a transcriber at Scribie is successfully passing a test transcription that gets assigned to you and you’re in.

How much work will I have?

At Scribie there is one database of audio files for everyone and whoever picks a file first gets to work on it (first come, first served). At the time of writing this article we have more than enough audio files available at any given time.

How much will I earn?

It depends on how fast you can type! I type about 80-85 words per minute and at that rate it usually takes me 15-20 minutes to complete one audio file which is worth $1 USD. It’s easy to do 3 files per hour, 4 without rest and 5 or more if you’re a machine. You can test your typing speed here. The audio files themselves are 6 minutes each, but you really need to stop and rewind a lot to make sense of the more difficult parts of the recording.

The downsides of Scribie

Nothing is 100% awesome and Scribie is no exception. It takes 35+ days to get approved for your first test subscription after your initial registration date. This is because they have too many people joining every day and they can’t process new applicants that fast, but that’s fine because you will get your chance eventually.


The average earning rate is awful too. For me it’s a maximum of $4 per hour, which is less than minimum wage. Professional transcribers can earn ten times as much, but businesses that hire these guys ask for all sorts of special licenses from you and most beginners don’t have these. Scribie is good for beginners to test out the waters in this business. It’s definitely not for everyone. (ie. if you get mad and smash your keyboard because of the horrible Indian accent someone was speaking in).


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