eSports betting is a thing now, here’s how to get started

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As time goes on, eSports are becoming more and more like physical sports. There are eSports tournaments, players get sponsor deals, audiences tune in faithfully, and now, some fans can even make eSports bets!

Intro to eSports Betting

Just like with sports betting, eSports betting can be accessed online, through a variety of websites. Bets can be made on the outcomes of matches (which is probably what you’ll want to stick to at first, until you become adept at betting) as well as on more specific aspects of the eSports tournaments.

The sites will also give odds for each match, and the odds determine how much money you win—as long as your predicted outcome is true, of course. This is gambling, after all. However, there’s more to it than just luck. If you plan to try eSports betting, you’ll want to keep many things in mind.

A Quick Guide to Successful eSports Betting

As you should have learned from watching the above video, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind if you want to be good at eSports betting—and win money instead of losing it. While many things, from the odds to the style of game, are important, the most vital part of successful eSports betting is researching the teams before you make a bet. You shouldn’t place bets just based on your gut feeling, or even solely by a team’s record of wins and losses. After all, not all teams play alike. Players who could beat one team easily might struggle against a different team.

If you can analyze the teams well enough to accurately predict who will be the winner in most cases, you’ll get a lot from eSports betting. You still won’t be able to account for everything, but you’ll greatly increase your chances.

A Helpful Site

Rather than dive headlong into eSports betting, why not visit a website that has many of the resources you’ll need to get started? From Odds Camper, you’ll be able to watch live eSports matches, gather information about and odds for upcoming games, and read more eSports betting advice. You can also use the site’s social features to connect with other likeminded fans, both through voting on match outcomes and chatting. What do you say? Are you ready to do the research and place your first eSports bet? And if you’ve already bet on eSports matches in the past, how did it go?


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