Fallen Earth is a free post apocalyptic game similar to Fallout 4

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It’s year 2156 and the world as we know it has been destroyed by nuclear and bio-chemical weapons. Thanks to a company named LifeNet, which holds samples of human DNA, your body has just been regenerated using the bio signature left in the LifeNet databases. If the unfortunate happens and you get killed, it will simply repeat the process. All the players, like you, are essentially clones built by LifeNet which is an automated (and abandoned) system ran by artificial intelligence. It’s up to the players to survive in this free open world MMO called Fallen Earth.

Massive 1000 square kilometers of open world

fallen earth game post apocalyptic mmo game

While most of the earth is an inhabitable wasteland filled with lethal radiation, you still have a massive 1000 square kilometers of mysterious open world to explore. The action takes place in the Grand Canyon which is probably the only habitable place left on the entire planet. Looters and scavengers as well as horribly mutated animals are roaming the lands and it’s especially dangerous outside the villages. If you’re not careful and don’t plan your route well, you might end up stumbling on a bandit’s camp which will most likely end badly for you.

Craft your own weapons, ammunition and tools

fallen earth craftingFound a piece of scrap metal or a broken gadget? You might need it later to craft your own supplies including weapons, ammunition and other tools you need to survive. If you’re extra lucky, you might even stumble upon a fruit that’s not poisonous due to radiation. The game has a ton of skills and abilities which help you progress further. For example, by advancing your cooking skill, you can cook better food that heals you faster. Or you can concentrate more on crafting weapons and ammunition which you can either use yourself to loot villages and camps, or you can simply sell the stuff you craft and become a traveling merchant instead. Over 95% of the items found in-game are player crafted and since the game is completely classless, you can play it exactly as you like- there are no limitations whatsoever.

The best free post apocalyptic game

While many players are continuously arguing that the game isn’t as great as, for example, the infamous Fallout 4, it still beats every similar game out there simply because it’s free. In fact it’s probably the only free to play post apocalyptic MMO currently available! It’s true that the game has a few bugs here and there and the developers team isn’t really working that hard on making this game better, but it has grown exponentially over the last few years which in turn has made it a lot harder to manage for the guys who are pretty much working on the game out of the goodness of their hearts. There is of course an expansion pack available, but I’m not really seeing a lot of demand for it right now.

In conclusion I can say that if you aren’t ready to purchase Fallout 4, then the next best thing in line is definitely Fallen Earth, but before you jump in and start playing, you might want to check out other games like Fallout 4 on Games Like Zone.


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