Finding new challenges by playing in Agario private servers

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Over the recent months has become so popular and addictive among its users that many educational institutions and workplaces have been forced to block access to the game from their computers altogether because it was hindering the overall productivity of students and workers alike. Even public wireless hot-spots and libraries have been increasingly blocking as the players are eating up valuable bandwidth and sometimes getting a little too noisy as tension increases in the game.

If you’re currently unable to access the game from your location, you should try playing in an Agario private server which is most commonly used to bypass filters and firewalls that otherwise block the game.

Private servers offer a new challenge

Agario Private Server

In addition to being able to bypass blocking software, there is another benefit in playing the game on a private server that’s often overlooked- more challenging opponents.

Just think about it. Who are the people that look for unblocked private servers? They are mostly gamers already familiar with the game, looking for a way to play from a location where the game is blocked. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by playing in private servers, you are effectively playing against highly professional teams.

Moderate gaming is good for you

In case you didn’t know, a recently conducted study by shows that if you take short breaks from your work and play games, you’re likely to be more productive in your tasks later when your brain activates the working mode again. Interestingly the test showed that playing games increases the overall productivity even more so than getting a bigger paycheck or leaving on an extended vacation.

So the next time you find yourself working together in a team, remember to advise the team to take short breaks and play a game or two as it’s shown to improve memory and motivation individually as well as improve the social bonds between team members as a whole.


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