Flipping items for profit on the Runescape Grand Exchange (Tutorial)

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There is an endless sea of Runescape money making guides available on the internet, but most of them either tell you to gather an expensive item so you run around like an idiot, or worse, require you to have a high level skill and spend an entire afternoon crafting or smithing something. Creating something of value can be fun in real life, but in a game it’s all just mindless clicking so wouldn’t you rather grow your cashpile the easy way? Flipping items for profit is the answer and in this article I will try to explain exactly how it’s done.

Runescape flipping guide

Flipping items is a process where you buy an item at a lower market value and later sell the item at a higher market value, thus making a profit.

For example you buy iron ore at 196 GP each and later sell iron ore at 203 GP each. This way you will earn 7 GP for every iron ore you flip.

If you are having trouble figuring out a good price to choose when buying and selling then I have another great tutorial on how to target what I like to call the “Desperate Buyer”. You can read more about it here: How to flip items on the Grand Exchange

How to find good items to flip on Runescape

Screenshot of a price graphic for iron ore in a bearish marketFlipping iron ore was just an example and I wouldn’t advise anyone, especially a beginner, to try and flip this item! That’s because the overall trend for this particular item is bearish (price keeps falling) as seen on the 6 month price graph on the left.

So, how do you know which item to flip? More importantly, how do you know whether or not the value of an item is going to increase in the future so you can sell it for profit? The Grand Exchange Market Watch has made this incredibly easy for us!

The Grand Exchange Market Watch

Jagex has been kind enough to launch the official market watch for all the tradable items on Runescape and because we now know how price has behaved in the past, it’s easy to predict a possible future scenario just by looking “into the past”. This is how you do it:

1. Open the Grand Exchange Market Watch

2. Click on the Market Movers tab

You are now looking at the flipping items list or the top 100 most traded items and this is obviously where the money is. But hold on! We can’t just start flipping any random item from this list. What if the item we pick is losing value over time just like iron ore?

How to spot an item that is likely to increase in value over time?

Basically you will need to find a graph that is showing clear signs of a bull market (a market condition where the overall price is moving up).

Beautiful clear bullish market price movement for frost dragon bonesFrost Dragon bones are the perfect example of a good bullish item. Notice the huge red arrow? It points to a trend line indicator (gentle light blue line) which is very important for us. Don’t forget to activate it!

Take a look at this graph. What do you see? The yellow line, which is the main price, keeps making higher lows (look at the green stars I drew).

A “low” is the lowest point a price has reached in a downward move. When a price makes a low and the next low is higher than the previous, it’s an indication of a bull market (overall upward movement).

As long as this is happening ABOVE the trend line we are good, but the moment the yellow price line crosses the blue trend line, things get icky and it’s advised to stop flipping these items.

Know when to stay away flipping items

Dragon bones 3 Month Price Bearish Downward movementWhen the price line (yellow) and trend line (blue) cross and the “mouth” of the chart is pointing in the downward direction, it’s most likely a sign of further downward movement as shown here on the 3 month chart of Dragon Bones.

I have drawn the red lines to emphasize the downward pointing mouth. Whenever you see something like this- stay away!

However if the mouth is opening upwards, it’s a strong sign of further upward movement. If the mouth opens and points up in a downward trend, it can even mean a trend reversal in which case you can try to flip, but cautiously.

Spirit Shard 1 month price chart confused priceItems with no apparent trend and sudden drops and spikes in the price can mean a lot of things, but it most certainly doesn’t mean it’s a safe item to flip.

The Spirit Shard on a 1 Month time scale is a great example of items to avoid. Such a strange behavior could be a malicious Runescape merchanting clan trying to manipulate the price or it can even mean that at some point Jagex is giving more of the item away freely on treasure hunter. In any case if you see an item like this then skip it.

Go, start flipping items on Runescape!

That’s it for today! I hope I have provided at least some insight into the world of Runescape money making using the grand exchange for flipping items. Once you get the hang of it, it will become the easiest thing you’ll ever do in this game.

If you want to speculate on an item or simply need some advice, feel free to add me in game. My username is y n e f (spaces between letters).


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