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When you are listing your items for sale on eBay you will realize that the default listing description editor has certain limits when it comes to designing your description. In order to really stand out from the competition, you need to have a decent looking item description for whatever it is that you’re selling. Feel free to use the following design without any limitations, just copy and paste!

Here’s the HTML code

The code has been moved here: ebay-listing-template.txt

Just copy everything in there and paste it in your eBay listing editor making sure you’ve got the HTML tab open and not the default editor.

Once you paste the code in HTML, you can switch back to the default text editor to change the text and write your own item specific details.

And here’s the preview


Title for item

Short description or tagline for item

Item Description


Item details here


Included in Package


What’s included with this order?


Shipping Information


Details about your shipping policy


Additional Information


Any additional information about this item or order details



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