Get free Bitcoins from Ynef’s Bitcoin Faucet every hour

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Ynef’s Bitcoin Faucet

Everyone seems to own a Bitcoin Faucet these days so it was quite obvious I got one as well since I am a big Bitcoin fan myself. Thanks to a good friend Martin and also thanks to FaucetBox I got it up and running today.

Get free btc from ynefs bitcoin faucet

The deal is simple: submit your Bitcoin wallet and solve a captcha code once every hour to earn free Bitcoins!

Where’s the catch?

There is no catch. The idea is to give away Bitcoins and try to break even by displaying ads all over the faucet, hence the awful look. But no worries, people only want free coins and don’t really care about how pretty the site looks… right?

There’s a referral program too

As with most of these things, a referral program will allow you to earn extra Bitcoins from inviting people to use the faucet. Simply visit to learn more!


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