Google Cardboard – A Gateway to the VR World

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Remember when the first smartphones used to cost a fortune? It’s the same with Virtual Reality technology because like any other first generation technology, it’s still very young and out of reach for the average folk. Currently the consumer grade VR Headset costs around $600 + shipping and handling. Kind of crispy if you ask me.

Experience Virtual Reality using your phone

Virtual Reality VR Headset Using Your Phone

However there’s still a way to test the waters and experience the world of Virtual Reality first hand for less than what you’d normally pay for a happy meal. Google Cardboard is a Do It Yourself cardboard device that uses your smartphone coupled by two specially designed lenses to provide a rather immersive Virtual Reality experience.

In case you didn’t know, most smartphones today are already filled with movement tracking technology which is the basic building block in any VR headset. And while the Cardboard isn’t meant to compete with the latest VR technology, it will definitely provide a fun and exciting experience especially if you haven’t used any virtual reality devices in the past. It feels like you’re really inside the game world!

Google started a snowball effect

Google released the schematics to build your own Virtual Reality headset at home using a couple of lenses and some cardboard way back in 2014 with the intention of making people realize what was possible in the VR world and now, just two years later, all the major technology giants like PlayStation, HTC, Oculus and Microsoft are rushing to release their own VR technology to the general public. The year 2016, as Techio explains, will be the year when VR finally goes mainstream and well, the world will never really be the same!

A poor man’s virtual reality headset

While the recently released consumer grade VR headsets remain rather expensive for at least a few more years, the Do-It-Yourself cardboard device is a great substitute for experiencing immersive virtual reality yourself for the first time. It’s no surprise then that the Google Cardboard is also known as the poor man’s virtual reality headset.


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