How to force Windows 10 installation and skip the download queue

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You might have already spotted a Windows 10 review or two show up on the web. That means the first batch or “wave” in the Windows 10 download queue has started and people are now receiving notifications from Microsoft when their Windows 10 download is ready to be installed. Depending on your location and possibly other factors, you might have to wait a week or more to be able to upgrade, but there is a simple solution to skip the download queue altogether and upgrade your Windows right now.

Skip Windows 10 download queue

Note: you can only do this when you want to upgrade your old Windows. This apparently doesn’t work when you want to install Windows 10 on a clean system.

1. Although I didn’t do it, it’s advised to back up stuff that you’re afraid to lose

2. Download Microsoft Media Creation Tool from here

3. Select “Upgrade this PC” and click next

4. Sit back and let the setup finish

Takes about 30-40 minutes

The whole process took about 40 minutes to complete and I was able to continue working on my PC most of the time, while Windows was upgrading in the background. It was only at the very end where it needed to close everything and finish without being disturbed.

My first impression

Windows 10 start menuSince I upgraded from Windows 7, it took me about an hour to get comfortable with the completely different look and feel as well as customize the theme, start menu, power saving settings and stuff like that.

I use Notepad++ a lot and I immediately noticed that its font is looking rather fuzzy or blurred in Windows 10. I’m not entirely sure whether its the Notepad’s fault or not. I’ve tried upgrading my graphics drivers too just in case, but so far this hasn’t helped.

The first useful feature that I noticed is when you delete something, you only have to press the DEL button on your keyboard once and the file gets deleted without asking for a confirmation.

The new internet browser (Edge) seems to be so good right now that I didn’t bother getting Google Chrome. Only time will tell if I will continue using it though.

The new image viewer and photo manager is quite cool. It takes a second to fully load, but using it feels a lot more modern than the previous Windows 7 image viewer. You can share your images easily too!

So far I haven’t met the infamous Cortana. I was under the impression she’s going to start helping me immediately, but apparently she’s not available in my location. I will try to fix this later when I have more time.

Additional notes

I believe the upgrade only works when you are already in the download queue and waiting for your turn. It’s probably not going to work if you haven’t opted in previously.



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