How to use Google as a free mobile phone tracker

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Whether you have bad memory or spent the previous night partying hard, losing your phone is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen especially if you’re in a hurry. Have you ever lost your phone and decided to call it in order to locate the device only to realize a moment later that you can’t call because your phone is lost in the first place? Well, now you can! Thanks to Google, you can now make your phone ring using only your computer with an internet connection.

Cell phone tracker through Google search

Google Find My Phone Android Search ResultOne of the easiest ways to ring your phone and find it easily is by simply typing in find my phone directly into Google’s search field.

Given that you have fulfilled a couple of prerequisites, you should see how Google is trying to locate your phone and in a few moments say that it has been found.

A button should then appear right under the minimap making it available to ring your phone for a few minutes.

Phone tracker requirements:

1. You must have an Android phone

2. Wireless connectivity or mobile data must be enabled

3. Your device’s location access must be turned on and be signed in to your Google account

4. Your phone must be previously linked to your Google’s account

Note: If your phone is turned off or no internet connection is available then this feature unfortunately doesn’t work because Google’s find my phone service isn’t a GPS phone tracker.

Still can’t find your phone?

phone is lostIf your phone has been lost for a while the battery may have drained out completely. Since the above method only works with a phone that’s turned on, the other option would be to go to your mobile service provider and have them triangulate the last known approximate location.

However I can’t guarantee they’ll help because the last time my phone was lost the mobile data provider just said it was out of their reach and I should try going straight to the police.

I always had a feeling my phone was stolen, but I had no actual proof to back my claims so the police decided not to spend their resources on something that’s not criminal in nature and so my poor phone remained lost forever.

Nowadays there should also be a few phone tracker apps available on the Android store so it’s definitely worth more research, but what will most likely save you next time you lose your phone is simply connecting it to your Google account and enabling mobile data at all times.


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