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If you’re a gamer chances are you’ve heard about achievements or game secrets that may or may not reward you for completing them. Perhaps you’ve even tried to do a few on your own? The majority of xbox achievements are unlocked simply by playing the game, but there are certain harder to reach achievements that require you to do something out of the boundaries of the game’s normal “flow” or storyline. These types of achievements range from not turning left throughout a level or killing 10 zombies with a single chainsaw slash. You don’t have to pull these stunts to beat the game, but in order to fully complete it along with all of its hidden secrets you’d have to do some crazy stuff.

A little bit of history

Nowadays almost all games that get released have some form of an achievements system implemented into their code, but it wasn’t always like this. The idea behind achievements in various games goes back to 1982 in the form of “high score patches” given out by Activision. These were actual physical iron-on patches that resembled boy scout badges in many ways and were sent out to the elite gamers who managed to get a very high score in their games. And because nobody had the internet back then, you had to take a photo of your television screen displaying your high score and send it to the game company as proof. (source)

XBDash Hunt Down Achievements Earn Prizes

Hunting achievements with XBDash

XBdash is an xbox achievements tracker website and a close-knit community of truly passionate gamers and xbox achievement hunters. The main goal of XBdash is to help you track down and manage all of your game’s achievements in a single well organised environment and to spice things up a bit they hold numerous contests and challenges with prizes ranging from free games to live codes and much more. In fact they’re holding a contest right now where the grand prize is a fancy Custom Engraved Xbox® One Controller. How cool is that?

Easier to manage your achievements

The achievements in XBdash come from the actual xbox games themselves and your dashboard gets updated as soon as you unlock a new achievement in your game. In order to make managing a bunch of achievements easier and of course to add more of a competitive feel to the act of hunting them down, the achievements are divided into four different categories: common, rare, epic and legendary.

The common category consists of achievements which are unlocked the most often by XBdash members. To be exact more than half of the community has those unlocked. Next in line is the rare category with 26%-50% and the epic with 11%-25%. Finally we have the legendary section with achievements so hard to get that only about 10% of the entire XBdash community has been able to complete.

Get on the leaderboards

One thing I did notice about the website is that one of my favorite games, Silent Hill Homecoming, has all of its achievements set to legendary which can only mean one thing- nobody in the community has played that game yet because even the most basic ones ie. “defeat a nurse” etc. are all set to the legendary status. This of course presents some new and interesting opportunities for gamers who enjoy having a position on the top of the leaderboards. Just pick a game that nobody is playing!

Of course as more players join the easier achievements will eventually fall into the common category for most games, but that’s a good thing because if you still happen to have a few legendary ones in your name, you’re serious business and deserve respect from the noobs.


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