Hurtworld is a brand new open-world survival game

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Hurtworld is a new Australian game, released on December 4th, 2015 on Steam for Early Access. It is a brand new open world survival game in which you start off in the middle of a deserted wasteland with nothing on you except for a pair on underwear. You’re almost immediately hungry and cold so your first goal is to find a way to get a fire going and if you’re lucky, roast some beef on the fire for nourishment.

Basic needs first

Butt naked hurtworld in the middle of nowhereYour character will let you know that he’s hungry occasionally by literally whispering in your ear with an incredibly eerie voice. I must admit, it scared the crap out of me the first couple of times, especially at night.

Your first and foremost goal is to start a campfire and build some basic tools in order to survive. Thankfully the game developers have been kind enough to scatter around plenty of resources with a relatively fast respawn rate for the beginner. You’ll need to gather the basic sticks and stones in order to build a stone axe which you can then use to chop some wood and kill your first rabbit.

Knowing all of the controls beforehand is a great way to reduce the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and concentrate more on gathering resources from the start. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to build yourself a basic stone axe and get a campfire going.

Gathering food and leather

Hurtworld inventory crafting table bow and arrowsYou’ll notice a lot of rabbits running around at the distance and it might be hard to chase them with a stone axe, so you will be a lot better off if you build yourself a bow and arrows for hunting as soon as possible. You will need a crafting table for that.

Once you have your bow and arrows, it’s time to go hunting! The rabbits like to stand at one spot for a lot of the time so it makes shooting them that much easier. You can take them down with a single shot and when they die, they leave a hilarious nicely sealed wooden box behind containing some meat and a piece of leather.

Furthermore, if you look closely, you’ll notice a dick drawn on the side of the box. I have no idea what the developers are trying to say with it. A dick box, really?

Getting civilized

Once you have looted enough leather from all those poor rabbits, it’s time to craft some clothes so you wouldn’t run around butt naked in the desert like a neanderthal. Using your crafting table, you’ll find it pretty easy to craft your most basic shirt and pants very soon. To equip them, simply drag the item into the correct slot in your inventory. To be honest, it really resembles a Minecraft inventory screen and the hotbar at the bottom of the screen is very similar also.

Now you’re ready to explore

Hurtworld charlie wielding pickaxe exploring open worldEquipped with a bow and arrows, a backpack and some decent looking clothes, you are now ready to start an epic journey through the open world wilderness where you will meet a lot of people, some good guys, but mostly scavengers and looters, a couple of stronger enemies and even some strange radioactive ruins which you can’t really enter without proper protective gear. I wonder what’s inside?

The game will really start to take off once you claim a piece of land for yourself and build a house, a cool looking car and a bunch of different weapons. Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten that far, but from what I have heard, it looks very promising and could be compared with the Fallout series even though the graphics are very cartoon like and not realistic at all. But then again, that wasn’t the intention in the first place so it’s cool.

According to the game developers they have made it so there’s always a server available in which you can have a really fun multiplayer experience. There’s also the chance of hosting your own Hurtworld server and you can compare Hurtworld server hosting packages here.



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