I tried SingularityNET Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Marketplace. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time.

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It’s still early days for the SingularityNET Decentralized AI Marketplace and it’s understandable that things can break occasionally. However after trying out the beta that was released yesterday, I am extremely disappointed. The Service Agents simply don’t work. I wish I hadn’t wasted an hour of my day on that platform.

Please note that I could have done something extremely retarded and for normal people the marketplace can still work. However when you look at the ratings each Service Agent has received from curious people like me, you’ll notice how a lot of the services have been downvoted a lot.

SingularityNET AI Marketplace, what is it?

The tldr; version of the SingularityNET AI Marketplace is that it aims to be a decentralized platform that enables developers to monetize their AI algorithms in an open and transparent way.

It is under active development by people from the team behind Sophia the robot which, if you ask me, is just a marketing stunt. It’s nowhere near to be called intelligent. It just looks good but it’s essentially just a dumb chat bot. (related article).


In essence the SingularityNET AI platform wants to be a sort of a matchmaker that connects AI developers to the people who need AI services for whatever reason. Be it curiosity, research or world domination, SingularityNET, in theory, should be the place to go if you need powerful AI algorithms to do your bidding.

No prior experience necessary

A really cool aspect of the SingularityNET AI Marketplace is that they have made it relatively straightforward for anyone to interact with their platform. You don’t need to be a programmer and if you follow this guide right here, you will know exactly how to set up your “work environment” in a way which will allow you to test out the first Artificial Intelligence services.

Most of the services don’t work

After fiddling around with the SingularityNET AI Marketplace for almost an hour, I eventually gave up because most of the services don’t work.

The only “agent” that worked for me was a calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. I find it hilarious that a platform which aims to be the world’s leading service provider for artificially intelligent algorithms can only do basic math operations.

Image recognition failed

Image recognition algorithms are everywhere nowadays and you’d think it’s something that will work flawlessly each time. Unfortunately the SingularityNET platform is still very limited and only allows for the detection of either flowers or dogs. Where in the hell is the cat recognition algo?

What to expect based on their documentation

In their documentation they use a photo of a red rose as an example and the system outputs a bold prediction telling that the object on the photo is most certainly a rose.

Fine, I thought. If it can only detect flowers and dogs, I’ll just feed it a photo of a regular red rose and see what will happen. Because I don’t really like dogs. Again, where is the cat detector?

Alright everything seems fine. I have overpaid for the service just to be on the safe side. I have no idea if this will make a difference or not, but because we are working in a test environment, the ETH and AGI token are absolutely free so I have nothing to lose.

The result… was a failure

Um… okay so it seems it didn’t work. I am not even sure why and I am fairly confident that I did everything correctly on my part.

After all, the almighty Artificially Intelligent calculator worked just fine and it even gave me a correct answer when I asked it to add 10 to 255. That’s just amazing. Why use a calculator when you can use the SingularityNET AI Marketplace and pay $0.02 worth of ETH in fees and some AGI token on top of that?

Anyway, here’s the result our AI overlord gave me for the red rose experiment above. Apparently the status (whatever that means) is OK, but everything else failed.

Video Action Recognition

In another example from their official documentation they feed a video of a girl playing the guitar to the AI agent and it outputs the “action” it sees in the video.

According to AI, the video is about “playing guitar” and it’s 99,66% sure of it. That’s a pretty accurate estimate if you ask me.

Unfortunately when I tried the same agent it failed (again). This time with a red error message.

Perhaps it simply don’t know how to detect video from a Youtube URL? So I downloaded the video as an mp4, uploaded it to my own web server and pointed the AI agent directly to that file and got the same result.

Error: "all SubConns are in TransientFailure, latest connection error: connection error: desc = \"transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: connection refused\""

Now I have genuinely no idea what it means, but it looks like the connection was refused while dialing localhost. Err… is it somehow related to the MetaMask node?

It also says something about all sub connections being in transient failure. Sure, whatever you say.

I give up

At this point I don’t know any more.

I’m connected to the Ropsten testnet with MetaMask. So what the actual fuck? It should work. I can’t be bothered to look into their Telegram group for Developers either. There could be a solution to my problems there, but I can’t really be bothered any more.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the platform matures and THEN jump in head first and take over the world. I was actually hoping to get the Next Day Trend Service to tell me whether I should buy or sell Bitcoin right now. But I guess it’s just not that advanced yet, huh?

By the way the answer is yes. You should be buying Bitcoin. Lots of it.



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