Join the Raze squad and fight off aliens trying to conquer earth in Raze 3

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Raze 3 is the third installment of the popular Raze game series which started off with the launch of Raze 1, followed by Raze 2 and on July 10, 2014 Raze 3 was released. It was under development for a mere three months which is quite an achievement for a game of this magnitude. It has a decent storyline which, not surprisingly, takes off where Raze 2 ended, it’s addictive and has a ton of hidden treats that only a serious gamer can unlock. If you are looking to play Raze 3 unblocked, you should visit – these guys are dedicated in bringing the game to you hassle free.

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Raze 3 storyline (spoilers)

Like the previous Raze games, the plot of this game forks into two different stories as well. One being about the humans trying to save Earth and one of the Aliens trying to conquer it.

After the events that took place in Raze 2, a squad of Raze soldiers discover that the aliens weren’t wiped out completely. What’s more, the aliens are now hell bent of activating a doomsday device called The Harvester.

The Raze squad follows one of the aliens to an underground facility where they uncover a mysterious device that they decide to bring into the lab for further studying. Unfortunately the machine causes many of the specimens in the laboratory to go berserk and kill the scientist studying the device.

It later turns out that the device, also known as The Harvester, is capable of converting various species on Earth into alien life forms. Do you have what it takes to stop this?

Raze 3 game modes

You can either choose to play the main storyline and progress through the various levels for both human and alien* chapters or, if you prefer, you can do a simple quickmatch by choosing your fighting arena, which weapons or abilities to use and the difficulty of the upcoming match.

*It’s worth noting that you need to complete the game as a human first in order to unlock the alien chapters.

Pros and cons of Raze 3

I really love the storyline and as a small time game developer myself, I can also appreciate the fact that a tiny team of just four people can develop something like this in such a short amount of time- it’s just wonderful!

However I happened to be one of the many players who encounter massive lag in the game, especially when playing the main plot, so I couldn’t really enjoy the game as much as I wanted to.

The quickmatch game mode was noticeably less laggy so I ended up playing that for a good three hours. It’s a fun and addictive game and once you get used to playing it, you’ll definitely enjoy it!


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