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Fiverr can be a very profitable marketplace for freelancers who are looking to sell their products and services quickly and securely online, however due to the increasing competition, high fees as well as listing price limitations for merchants who are just getting started on Fiverr, it might not be the first place to look for micro jobs. In this article I will cover some of the main benefits of selling your Freelance services through eBay instead which is the biggest marketplace on the internet.

ebay as fiverr alternative

eBay as a Fiverr alternative

When you’re a freelancer on a quest for finding online micro jobs, eBay is probably not the first marketplace on your list because eBay, as everyone knows, is mostly the go-to place for physical goods like clothes, jewelry and gadgets- things that require shipping and handling. Therefore it’s easy for a freelancer to miss this lucrative global marketplace at first glance or worse, rule it out altogether when looking for good Fiverr alternatives online.

In fact, one of the biggest advantage of providing your services through eBay instead of Fiverr is the fact that not a lot of freelancers know about it and therefore the competition tends to be lower than on Fiverr which, depending on your niche, can be a very overpopulated marketplace for various microjobs.

Save money on fees

When you list your service on eBay, not only do you save money on fees that would otherwise be taken from you elsewhere, you can optionally donate a portion of your revenue to a charity that you want to support.

Donate to non-profits

eBay for charity is a program that optionally sends a small percentage of your revenue directly to verified non-profits and charities around the world. For example I have an active listing on eBay right now that sends 10% of all the income I generate to help blind cats at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc so I can make a difference in someone’s life and at the same time earn money from home doing what I do best.

Remember, donations are completely optional, but in some cases may help you generate even more sales as people can see that your listing is helping others which can trigger the natural instinct in humans to do good. A not-so-dirty trick to cash in more sales and earn money online.


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