Mechanical Gaming Mouse and Programmable Mouse Review

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I had to order a new gaming mouse recently, after my incredibly annoying parrot decided to completely destroy the cable of my previous mouse. I’m quite price sensitive when it comes to pretty much anything, so I wasn’t even looking at the Razer class gaming mice, but instead went to eBay to look for good deals. As it happens, I might have just stumbled on the best deal of 2015!

It looks like a Transformer

ergonomic gaming mouse, best gaming mouse, mechanical mouseThat’s what my sister said when she first saw it and I kind of have to agree with her, but not only does it look badass, I was genuinely surprised to see that the cable is not a regular rubber/plastic cable, but a neat braided cable that almost looks like a shoelace. Five stars for a durable cable that’s not too easy to break even if you wanted to!

Cool lights show

When the mouse is in stand-by mode the DPI indicator light will fade in and out every couple of seconds making it look almost as if the mouse is “breathing”. Depending on which DPI setting you’re on, the color can be either green, blue, red or white and you can adjust the pulsating speed easily using the bundled software.

Triple Click

Because it’s a programmable mouse, meaning you can assign all sorts of different functions to the 9 buttons that are strategically placed all over the mouse, you can set it to triple click for you when you click just once. This is especially useful in FPS games like Counter Strike where you need to kill your enemies fast.

Easy on the hand

The mouse weighs about 230 grams (give or take) which for me is pretty much perfect. Your hand can rest comfortably on it and there’s enough force in the button springs to prevent the accidental “rest click” from happening. With up to 4000 DPI, this mouse is guaranteed to satisfy even the most professional gamer in performance quality.

The cons

I can’t really say anything bad performance wise, but for the sake of this article I will say that the scrolling wheel really looks cheap. You can clearly see the place where it’s been glued together and I can see how it could make a perfectionist slightly furious.

Another annoyance would be the manual. It’s written in hieroglyphs and I’m pretty sure the majority of the western folk can’t read it. The same goes for the bundled software, BUT there’s an option to choose the English language so once you figure out how to install the program, you’re pretty much all set.


Leave aside the Asian manual that you cannot read, and this gaming mouse will probably be the best gaming mouse you have ever used unless of course you’re a former Razer user. And even then, this mechanical mouse can easily rival all of those over priced high tech gaming mice, because it has pretty much all of the same functions and features for only a fraction of the price. A true bargain for $47,95 and free shipping!


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