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It’s no secret that our world has gone to shit incredibly fast. I’m not just talking about the World War III, which for all intents and purposes, is already happening, but I’m also talking about how the Earth’s climate has changed so drastically in such a short amount of time. Scientists at NASA have already warned us that the never before seen heat records are to be expected next year (2016). Take a look at NASA’s climate time machine and you’ll see how in just 30 years our Earth heated up exponentially. It’s basically all “red” now.

Not the best time to be fighting

Unless the impending global war is just an elaborate plot made to reduce our population drastically so that the elite could survive on this planet a little longer (I’m usually not the tinfoil hat kinda guy), I don’t really see any sane reason for war right now. Don’t get me wrong, war is messed up in any case, but right now? We have a lot more to worry about than just religious disputes and money problems because should one of the nuke holders break under the pressure and make the first strike, there’s no going back. Our planet is in no condition to fight off yet another nuclear catastrophe.

Why are they really fighting?

It’s very hard to say because there are just too many contradicting stories from one side and the other. It would seem that nobody is being entirely honest and everyone is just standing on their toes ready to start some shit. Governments from all over the world are investing more and more money into military assets, the economy is pretty much in a free fall in Russia, Europe and Asia and it seems to me that the only one benefiting from all this is the United States because the US Dollar continues to gain strength even though they’re always printing out more money and the national debt is starting to reach the heights last seen in the Great Depression.

It’s alright, Obama is here to save us!

I clearly remember when things in Ukraine went bad and Obama came to Estonia and told us we are all under the protection of NATO and therefore the United States and that we shouldn’t be worried about Russia’s invasion. But was Russia really a problem back then? I’m slowly starting to think that perhaps the installation of US military hardware at the eastern borders of the Baltic countries was more for offensive purposes rather than for defense.

Breeding hate among us

It seems that every active president needs a “face of evil“. Just like president Bush created an enemy from Al Qaeda, Obama has created an enemy from ISIS. In case you didn’t know, the new terrorist group ISIS was able to gain strength only because of the power vacuum left behind by president G.W. Bush and the fight against Al Qaeda. Most ISIS soldiers are in fact wearing US weapons and riding US military vehicles in their videos. But why did Bush even start a fight with some people living on the other side of the planet? I don’t consider myself an expert in this and I definitely don’t have all the necessary details to put the bigger picture together, but wasn’t the fight started simply because they wanted to steal oil from the Islam? The same oil used to burn and damage the planet further.

Back to the topic at hand. Right now the governments and the media are doing everything in their power to breed hate among the people. Pretty much every news report that pops up on our local newspaper in biased against refugees and Muslims in general and it seems that the masses are being very easily manipulated into believing that every Muslim must be a terrorist and therefore should be destroyed or thrown out of the country.

Things are even worse overseas

I’ve been on a comment flagging spree for quite a while now in Youtube where US rednecks and alike are hate commenting under videos of bombings in Islam countries. Please tell me how anyone in their right minds would comment something like “burn in hell Allah followers” under a video showing burned to death Muslim children and destroyed homes of innocent civilians? This is making me sick and yet there are hundreds upon hundreds of every day people who actually think like that. It’s just scary.

Divide and conquer

Thanks to the media, fashion magazines and almost everything else that’s “mainstream“, the people of Earth have separated themselves from each other for decades. We always find some way to label ourselves and other people (The rich and the poor, the black and the white, the Christian and the Muslim, etc.) and that’s dangerous! It’s really nothing more than good old divide and conquer strategy and so far it has worked out remarkably well. People are fighting with each other all the time because of those fictional values and in the midst of this chaos there are bankers, government leaders and politicians who plot and scheme and nobody notices anything because we’re too busy fighting one another. Don’t you think it’s time to stop?

The bottom line

The Earth is our only home. It will remain our only home for at least a couple hundred years or more because we don’t have a spacecraft capable of taking us to another Earth like planet and even if we had such technology, there’s no concrete proof that another Earth even existed. Sure, there are a couple of good candidates, but the living conditions there could be extreme at best. Fact is, we can’t be sure until we send a probe there and get back some tangible data.

The bottom line is that we are stuck with each other on this beautiful planet that unfortunately is dying because of us and because of our greed and if we continue on the same path, there will be nothing left.

The internet has brought us together

Imagine the world just 20 years ago when there was no social media. The only way we could find out what was happening in the world was through newspapers and the radio and more often than not the information was biased and far from the actual truth.

Now look at us. We’re sharing our everyday lives with the entire world and a random guy in Africa can know what you ate this morning in Canada. The internet brought us together and we still can’t get along? It’s time to put aside our skin color, our religious beliefs, how much money we have in the bank and everything else that separates us and turn our attention towards the things that unite us and make us strong.

Put some flowers in your hair

I feel it’s time for another Flower Power revolution. Don’t you? It’s entirely possible that the hippies failed in the 60s only because there was no internet which would have brought in more and more people from different parts of the world. Just think about it, marijuana is being legalized everywhere, people are getting sick and tired of capitalism and the wars that businesses finance for massive profits aren’t fooling anyone anymore. We just want to live peacefully and save our only home so why are we still letting corporations and businessmen ruin our life?

I would like to end this blog post with the famous words of Carl Sagan just to give you a new perspective of who and what we really are, enjoy!



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