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Famous Youtube gamers like PewDiePie make earning a living from playing video games seem so easy, but in reality there’s just too much competition in the live streaming and Youtube gaming niche and this makes it almost impossible for any newcomer to simply enter the arena without any important contacts and actually gain some significant recognition from the audience. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just very difficult. Mostly because you’d need a lot of free time- a commodity which isn’t easy to come by in our so called “modern world”.

Earn money playing video games

Another popular way to earn money by playing video games is to participate in video game tournaments where the prizes can reach to millions of dollars. The trouble with that, however, is that in order to have even a remote chance of actually winning a tournament, you’d literally have to commit your entire life to playing the game every day in order to be skilled enough to stand a chance against your opponents.

When you consider everything I just said, it’s so easy to get discouraged about the whole ordeal and simply give up, crawl back to your dehumanizing excuse of a job and continue living from paycheck to paycheck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

What if I told you there was another, easier way of making a living or at least earning a little bit of extra cash by playing your favorite video game without having contacts, a reputation or even a very high skill level? What if you could make money right now playing your favorite video game only on weekends, for example? Sounds like a sales pitch? Well, it sort of is, but don’t click away just yet. You’ll want to hear this.

Introducing Level Up eSports

Everyone knows that right now there aren’t a lot of serious tournament opportunities available for the casual “weekend gamer”. Level Up eSports is a new startup which solves that problem by connecting gamers looking to compete against one another from all over the world using a simple mobile app. If you like, you can think of it as Tinder for finding gaming tournaments and challenges.

The concept is simple:

  • Tell the app which game you wish to compete it
  • The app will find other people playing the same game
  • Swipe left or right just like in Tinder to either decline or accept a challenge
  • If both parties accept the challenge, a chat menu pops up
  • It’s game time!

Once you have both accepted the challenge you get to speak to your opponent for the first time in order to set everything up. For example you can tell them in which server to meet and when. Things like that.

After the battle you just need to open up the app once more and answer who won the game and if both parties are in an agreement, the money gets released to the winner.

You can then give each other Honor points which show other people how honorable you are in keeping up your end of the bargain.

If the unfortunate happens and the two parties can’t come to an agreement, the case will be reviewed by both the Level Up team as well as random players who can look at evidence in the form of screenshots and cast a vote on who they think the perpetrator is.

XPER as the app’s official currency

If you haven’t yet heard of XPER then don’t worry because you haven’t really missed out on much. It’s not really that popular just yet, but very soon you will be able to exchange it into other cryptocurrencies and even cold hard cash either through a third party exchanger or through the Level Up eSports system itself.

At this stage of development you can acquire XPER at an amazingly low rate of 10 cents per XPER that’s only going to be available for the very early adopters. In essence, if you buy XPER right now you will be investing in the development and promotion of the app, but the XPER will be yours to use in the future when the app goes live and the team opens up their own online shop where you can buy games and gaming equipment as well as use that XPER to challenge other gamers.

Oh! I almost forgot- there will be a “farming mode” in which you don’t risk any of your own XPER, but whenever you win a challenge you gain more XPER as a reward. That’s pretty much free money right there!

Can we take them seriously though?

Absolutely! I personally believe that this app has great potential because of it’s simple yet powerful concept and the ability to solve one of the biggest problems in the gaming industry today by providing everyone and not just the professional gamers with the opportunity to earn money from playing games.

Level up eSports chartAnd just to put your mind at ease, the guy in charge of Level Up eSports has a degree in business management and clearly knows what he’s doing. Here’s a chart showing you exactly how he is planning on using the money you invest in his startup.

But don’t just take my word for it- go ahead and ask difficult questions from the man by visiting his Youtube channel and make him sweat!


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