New startup aiming to revolutionize gaming by allowing players to earn Bitcoins

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We all have a favorite game on which we spend a huge portion of our spare time without getting anything practical in return other than the satisfaction of reaching the next level, unlocking a new piece of armor or getting first place on the high scores table.

For decades the mere joy of accomplishment has been enough to keep people hooked playing a game for hours at a time, but what if you could step even further down the rabbit hole? What if you could earn Bitcoins by playing games? This exciting new chapter in video gaming can soon become a reality thanks to industry experts and game developers over at Bitszer who are working around the clock to make it happen.

What is Bitszer?

In layman terms, Bitszer is a massive cross-platform auction house system that any game developer can easily integrate into their game.

Once set up, it allows the game players to exchange various in-game items like swords, armor, power ups and much more in exchange for Bitcoin or if you prefer, you can replace your old game currency, like gold or diamonds, with Bitcoin altogether and give your players a direct way to earn free Bitcoin by playing games.

Since all the games are connected in one Bitszer network, the Bitcoin balances get updated in every game that runs under the Bitszer system whenever a transaction takes place (ie. player A purchases a weapon from player B).

With more than two years in the making, the Bitszer team is aiming to be a fast, secure and reliable central platform for all present and future video game developers who are interested in offering a new and exciting incentive to their players in the form of Bitcoin payments.

Bitszer is for the gamer

Earn bitcoins by playing games on the Bitszer network

In most games a player has the ability to create new items using the skills they’ve learned. For example smithing new swords, crafting armor or mixing up various potions and other consumables that help them progress in the game.

In a game that uses the Bitszer auction house system, these items effectively become virtual assets that can be sold to the highest bidder with Bitcoin as the exchange currency.

And because in most games you can create rare and more valuable items only after you have spent enough time training your skills first, the amount of Bitcoin you can earn will be in direct relation to the amount of time you spend playing a game.

If you’re a gamer, make sure to join Bitszer and grab your unique account number right now when they’re still short and easy to remember. In the future your account number alone is worth bragging about!

Bitszer is for the developer

It’s clear why Bitszer will be useful for the average gamer who can earn income from playing their favorite games, but what’s in it for the game developers?

Well, for starters Bitszer takes a 3% cut from each transaction in the game and splits it 50/50 with the game developer. This means that you can effectively stop relying on annoying advertisements in your game to generate a profit.

Additionally Bitszer offers ready made themes and is fully customizable to fit the needs of almost any game, making it a practical turnkey solution for game developers who are looking for a simple way of implementing a secure Bitcoin driven economy directly into their games.

As a developer, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and months, if not years worth of working hours by integrating this system into your game rather than having to create a similar system from scratch.

And finally, being part of the Bitszer network means that more players will be driven to play your games because they already have a Bitcoin balance that they can spend in the game.

How much time people spend on video games?

A recent study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association reveals that in 2015 a total of 42% of Americans were spending more than three hours per week playing video games and more than half or 51% of American households own a dedicated gaming console.

Another market research company, the NPD Group, focused their attention towards the more “heavy gamers” and showed that right now there are more than 34 million people in the United States alone who spend 22 hours per week, or more, playing video games. That’s a lot of hours.

Keep in mind that most of these people (excluding professional streamers and Youtube gamers) are just playing the games without getting anything of value on return. Now imagine what will happen if you introduce Bitcoin as an incentive for the gamers to keep playing games.


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