Our black Volkswagen Golf MK2 1988 1.8 66kw

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Volkswagen Golf MK2 1988 1.8 66kw How we met

I never really cared about cars growing up and even in my early adulthood these things didn’t mean anything to me until I was 22 years old and thought to myself that perhaps it’s time to get a drivers license. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was searching through the local website for used cars in Estonia. I didn’t have a lot of money so I was only checking out vehicles that sold for less than €1,000 EUR when I saw this beauty. It was black, it was low and it was different- I fell in love instantly!

… but someone got there first

I was looking at the ad every day, multiple times a day actually. I didn’t have enough money at first but in about a week I was ready to buy! Unfortunately someone had bought the car just a day before I was going to… I was seriously disappointed.

Another chance

I think it was about a month later when I was browsing through used cars listings again when I saw a familiar face- the black beast was back on sale! It turned out that the guy who got it before me had just bought the thing because he needed to drive something when his own car was getting repairs- some people huh?

One of those cars

I guess it’s one of those cars that gets something added every time a new owner sits behind the wheel. I’m not even sure who started the project, but I know for sure that before me there were at least three different people who worked on this car.

A cocky personality

We didn’t get along at all at first! It always used to die on me in extremely difficult situations (ie. in the middle of a bad traffic jam) and I remember one time the fuel line just ripped open pouring gas all over the street. It took me two years to finally gain enough respect from this car and now even if something does break down we usually just talk it through 🙂 Perhaps it finally gave up on me and swallowed his pride? Anyway, this car has taught me more on how cars work than anything else and I am grateful for it- I still drive around with it in warm summer days, but I keep it away from all the salt and nasty shit they put on our roads in the winter.


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