Auto backup software and backup assistant Immortal Files

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Immortal Files is a new free backup software that makes backing up photos, files and other data very easy. Simply create your personal rules for this data backup program and let it take care of everything. Immortal Files can back up your data in a cloud or connect remotely to your FTP server. It can even backup an entire hard drive with both Windows and Mac OS support. How to backup files with Immortal Files When you open this data backup software it will ask you to choose the files and folders you intend to back up whether using online... View Article

Create your own picture guessing game in seconds

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Picturated is a cool little social game/app for iPhones that lets you create your own picture guessing game literally in seconds. After it’s done, you can invite up to 10 of your friends to compete against each other and whoever gets the correct answer in the shortest amount of time will win. Snap it, name it, share it The user interface of Picturated is very easy to understand. When you first start taking a picture of something you’ll notice a familiar camera app kind of view. After the picture is taken you can crop it if you want to, but... View Article

Dora games for kids – How to have fun with everyday activities

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Back when I was a kid the only fun and educational material were plain old cartoons and even then, most of them didn’t really teach us anything- it was all about shooting and explosions. Still, there were a few tv shows and cartoons like the Moomin that were fun and exciting to watch and at the same time provided a fair amount of “life lessons” for a child. Still, there was no way to actually interact with a cartoon, but thanks to the internet this has all changed! Dora The Explorer Games Meet Dora, the 7 year old virtual girl... View Article

This adjustable picture hook will make your life just a little bit easier

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Hanging a picture on a wall might seem like a simple task at first, but if you’ve ever had to do it yourself you know how difficult it can be to adjust the frame on the wall just right and in a way that will leave the wall not looking like Swiss cheese in the process. Before drilling a hole in your wall you have to take into account the length of the wire that holds the frame as well as other measurements, but thanks to a man named Dean Greve you no longer have to worry about any of... View Article

Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge Update

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Yesterday, when fighting Ankous, I was almost killed by an elite version of Ankou– the Notorious Ankou of Suffering. I had just consumed my last lobster moments before it appeared and I was kind of hoping to be strong enough to kill it without much effort, however the enemy was far too difficult for my level so I had to take refuge by stepping through the portal of death and teleporting to Burthorpe lodestone. When I returned a few minutes later there was no sign of the Notorious Ankou of Suffering anywhere, only regular Ankous and a couple of ghosts.... View Article

Dental Website Design Is A Lucrative Business For Most Website Designers

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Whether it has been just for a scheduled check-up, pulling out a wisdom tooth or having fillings placed inside your teeth, most of us have had the need to visit a dentist at some point in life. Let me guess, the bill was anything but reasonable? That’s because a dentist is nothing more than a businessman and their dental office is their monopoly. It’s not a coincidence that in most countries your healthcare will not even cover any of your dental problems. Have you ever noticed how your dentist is gently trying to market all sorts of different “As Seen... View Article

The Simple Way to Track a Phone Number

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In case you need to track a phone number then you must be prepared to learn more about this procedure. The reason is simple – there is more than one way to start tracking mobile phone numbers that you find interesting. In addition, people want to track numbers that called them and don’t know who they actually are. Learning how to determine who called you or who owns certain phone number is very easy. Although this task was once very complicated, the fast progress of Internet technology has made this task very simple. Using the help of the Internet in... View Article

Convert VHS to Digital and Transfer Videos from VHS to PC

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If you happened to watch a lot of movies in the 90’s or simply used your VCR to record some of your favorite tv shows on tape, you might be wondering what to do with old VHS tapes now in the digital age. Maybe you even have a couple of VHS tapes containing some long forgotten family videos? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch these tapes all over again? VHS to PC If you’re looking for the easiest way to transfer vhs to digital format (vhs to computer), then you’re going to need three separate items: First and foremost you’ll... View Article Skins: More than Regular Skins

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As I guess you’ve already heard about the game in this article I’m going to tell you more about the different skins and the meaning of most of them. Not as superficial as they may look, the skins in this game have a whole story behind which most players don’t know about. Some of the most played skins at are Doge, Earth, Origin and mostly popular nation flags like the USA flag and the Poland flag. Most players don’t even know that have created over 100 different skins to give players the chance to identify themselves.... View Article

This Hidden Spy Camera Pen is one of the most discrete Hidden Cameras available

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This neat little spy camera is disguised as a fully functional ball point pen so nobody will suspect a thing when you’re taking photos or recording videos with it. Apart from being useful for the peeping tom, this cool gadget that looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie, can actually become very handy in situations where hard video evidence is the only thing that will protect you (I’m talking about the ever increasing police brutality incidents that are happening all over the US right now). Spy gear can be useful Spying on someone is in itself a... View Article