Run 4 is a forward running game featuring a cute little alien creature in space

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Run 4 is a game similar to Temple Run and the likes where your character will automatically run forward and you have to either jump or move using the arrow keys to avoid obstacles. I first heard about Run 4 upon visiting the Run 4 Unblocked website which is set up to help players who are unable to access the game directly due to network restrictions or other types of censorship. Good work guys!

In Run 4 you control a gray alien creature who has two cute antennas on its head and the goal is to get him safely at the end of the level without falling off the platforms.

One of the interesting things about this game is that there doesn’t seem to be a “game over” and you can fail hundreds of times without it negatively affecting your gameplay whatsoever.

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First impression

I immediately noticed the rather upbeat and positive background music, which kind of resembles a strange mixture of my own experimental music and electronic music from the 90’s, but with a more happier dream/techno kind of touch.

On top of that I was fairly quickly engulfed into the fast paced gameplay and since the first few levels were incredibly easy, I found myself on level 40 in just under 15 minutes which is where things get a little more complex.


As I previously mentioned, your character is a little gray alien creature that you control with your arrow keys (for movement) and the space key (for jumping).

The alien will start running forward immediately once the game starts, but because the first couple of levels are very simple and straightforward, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get your bearings and an overall feel for the game’s physics.

I was a little surprised at how far the creature can actually jump and thought that the game was way too easy at first, but this all changed after I reached around level 40 where things get more… interesting.

Further into the game

Not only do you have to avoid falling into the void by jumping over huge gaps in the platforms at high speed, you must also take note of the walls and the ceiling because these too can be used to run forward.

If you jump towards any wall, the room will rotate and the wall becomes the floor under your feet. Because of this multi-dimensional approach, the game can get quite challenging as the levels increase because you have to consider all the angles and at the same time keep yourself from falling off into nothingness.

Watch out for the falling floor

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more difficult, a new type of floor appears that can only be jumped on once and then it will slowly fall away. It’s nothing serious at first, but at higher levels the falling floor tiles are interconnected which means that half of the floor can simply vanish from under your feet just by touching one tile.

The only advice I can give you is that you should try to avoid jumping on those falling tiles until there’s nowhere left to jump and hope that the level ends before all of the floor is gone!


Overall Run 4 is a great game to play at work when you’re on a break because it will help your brain to relax while still keeping you awake thanks to the fast paced gameplay and upbeat music. It doesn’t require long periods of thinking, but fast reaction towards the changes in the environment.

Oh and by the way, if you’re an oldschool gamer, you might find it very similar to an old DOS game called Skyroads which I enjoyed playing on my first personal computer way back in the day.


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