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Runescape just turned 15 years old and with their anniversary they decided to open up Runescape Classic servers to new players one last time just for a few months. What this means is that if you log in to any of the official Runescape Classic servers during the open period, you’ll gain access to the classic servers with that account even after the open period ends. This is a great opportunity for old players to get a piece of nostalgia and for new players to experience what the game was like more than a decade ago.

Runescape classic 3839 days ago last logged inIt’s been a while

Man… has it really been that long? I just logged in with my oldest account and it turns out it has been idle for more than 10 years! I still remember when I started the account in my highschool computer class. Because we had no internet at home and our school was very strict, I had to sneak in after hours to play the game because it wasn’t allowed and what’s worse, the computer was so old and crappy that I had to reduce the graphics settings for the game to lag a little less.

Will RSC gain popularity?

The hype is pretty strong right now, but I am already seeing less and less people in the game. The first few days were really great and new players who had never even seen this ancient version of Runescape were interested in finding out how things used to be. However, since the newfags have been corrupted by simple things such as the Grand Exchange, Lodestone network, Task systems, free xp and all that, they found it really hard and troublesome to train skills even higher than 5 or 10. I believe that’s the main reason why Runescape Classic will not become popular amongst the younger generation. It’s just too damn difficult for them!

The ones who can really make Runescape Classic great again are us- the old timers and veterans of the original Runescape. Let the newbies continue playing the easy version of this game with protean bars, portable forges and free xp lamps/stars while the true gamers enjoy things like piling some noob in the wilderness and “helping” low level players cut their gems for them because that’s what RSC is all about!


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