Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge Update

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Yesterday, when fighting Ankous, I was almost killed by an elite version of Ankou– the Notorious Ankou of Suffering. I had just consumed my last lobster moments before it appeared and I was kind of hoping to be strong enough to kill it without much effort, however the enemy was far too difficult for my level so I had to take refuge by stepping through the portal of death and teleporting to Burthorpe lodestone.

When I returned a few minutes later there was no sign of the Notorious Ankou of Suffering anywhere, only regular Ankous and a couple of ghosts. I’m not sure when I will get another chance at defeating the beast, because these elite type monsters seem to be quite rare. In fact, it’s the first time this has ever happened on my Hardcore Ironman account.

Muchoskill hardcore ironman statsMy current stats

I have gathered over half a million GP only from monster drops and the occasional junk selling to general stores around the world. I know it’s not much, but considering how difficult it actually is to make money in Hardcore mode, I think it’s a fine achievement in itself. At this rate I might even be able to afford a bond some day!

Unfortunately due to work and other responsibilities I only have about an hour of free time to play every day so skilling and money making is going to take a very long time. Because of this I haven’t really set any goals for myself and I simply enjoy playing for the sake of playing.

I’ve also enabled Legacy mode so the overall feel of the game is now even more oldschool than before.

Hardcore Ironman Challenge?

It’s a hidden game mode in Runescape that encourages players to be entirely self sufficient. Once active, you will be unable to trade with other players, use the Grand Exchange or participate in most group minigames and boss battles. You also have only one life so when you die your account will be permanently locked.


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