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In, the goal of the game is simple- become the biggest and baddest snake on the block by killing and eating other snakes and randomly spawning food. In this article I will explain the basic strategies and tips that will hopefully help you get ahead in the game faster and rule the scoreboards in no time.

Can’t access directly?

Often times when connecting from a school’s computer or a wireless hotspot, you’ll find that you can’t access the game directly and while you can try using various proxy servers as a workaround, sometimes it’s just easier to play in a private server offered by various Slitherio unblocked websites.

Slither io unblocked

Dashing in the way of bigger snakes

It’s ironic that while the goal of this game is to keep growing in size, being small is the biggest advantage you can have. When you’re a small snake, you’ll be able to maneuver much faster. This helps you get away from bigger snakes and enables you to make them run into you using a move called Dashing.

Dashing is basically a turbo boost that you can use when you click and hold your left mouse button. The trick is to wander around a bigger snake until you find a perfect moment where you can dash in front of them. If successful, they’ll run into you without being able to do anything because the bigger they are, the slower they get.

Keep in mind however, that you’ll lose size every time you dash so you better make it count!

Let others do the dirty work for you

Fancy being a jerk? There is another, safer, yet slower way to grow in size and it’s called leeching. In essence this just means to hang around big snakes at a safe distance until someone else kills them.

Be ready to eat the remains of the huge snake once this happens and make it quick, so you’ll have enough time to escape because you can pretty much count on the fact that everyone will be crawling towards the newly appeared free food shortly.

When leeching, the trick is to be patient, wait for the right moment, eat as much as you can and escape quickly while you’re still in one piece.

When big, stay around the edges

Once you’ve grown gigantic in size, the best course of action is to stay in the corners and edges of the game because you will be moving very slowly at that point and all the other snakes will be out to get you. Take a look at the minimap in the lower right corner of the screen to get your bearings.

Try to surround smaller snakes

The biggest advantage of being a huge ass snake is that you can effectively surround other smaller snakes by circling around them. If done correctly, they will have nowhere to go and will be forced to crash into you sooner or later.

Surrounding other snakes doesn’t mean you’re invincible and there’s a chance that you’ll crash into the snake you’re trying to kill if you’re not careful enough. I have seen many huge snakes die because the snake they were trying to surround was just too clever for them.

Surrounded? Keep fighting!

You’d think that when a big snake has you completely surrounded, there’s nothing left for you to do. Well, actually there is! No matter what, you need to keep fighting, so try to circle around yourself and try to survive as long as you can.

Sometimes the big snake will crash into someone else (ie. your friend) because they’re too busy focusing their attention towards you.


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