The king of all zombie games is undoubtedly No More Room In Hell

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No More Room In Hell

No More Room In Hell or simply NMRIH is an awesome zombie game where you and up to eight other players per server can experience first hand the horrors of a true zombie apocalypse. Do you have what it takes to survive and escape the nightmare of the walking dead?

Horde of zombies attacking the player in no more room in hell game

Best of multiplayer zombie games

There’s really a big empty hole in the gaming industry when it comes to zombie games in general. Especially the ones with multiplayer capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, the Resident Evil series is a legend, but I think they kind of ruined the whole feel for the game after they dropped the adventure part of the game and turned it into a mindless first person shooter.

I don’t normally enjoy FPS games and No More Room In Hell does fall into that category, but because it has zombies and an awesome real life feel to it, not to mention the great teamwork possibilities that you would find in a realistic zombie apocalypse situation, it all adds up to a wonderful game.

Zombie getting shot by a shotgun in no more room in hell zombie game

Game modes

When the game starts you find yourself surrounded by up to eight other people per server. The goal is different in each server and it varies by the type of server you have joined. For example there are survival type servers and wave type servers.

In a survival type server there is a mission that needs to be completed and whoever survives through the whole thing will be rescued in the end. There is a possibility to get left behind if you’re not fast enough!

In a wave type server a horde of zombies called a “wave” starts attacking the area you are located in and your goal is to stop them from taking over your position. The waves get harder every time and ammunition is usually very limited so one must prioritize which type of weapons to use first and which ones to save for later.

Dont open dead inside screenshot no more room in hell zombie game

It’s all about teamwork

It is possible to beat the survival type game without any help, but it is going to be extremely difficult. Most of the time, even with eight players who have decent skills, all die before they are able to escape or complete the mission.

What makes this game difficult to beat is the fact that there are literally an endless horde of zombies attacking the players at all times. Even though most of them are quite slow, they can easily surround you if you don’t plan your route carefully enough. This is where teamwork comes into play. It’s pretty much vital to have a few friends who keep the zombies away from you while you are trying to weld open a gate in order to escape for example. You just can’t do it alone!

Getting bitten even once could mean that you will die should you get infected. It doesn’t happen all the time when a zombie just scratches you, but odds are not in your favor. Fortunately there is a cure in the game… but of course it’s very rare and you probably won’t find it. So the best advice I can give you is don’t let them get too close.

In case you are infected other players might choose to shoot you on sight to prevent you from attacking them later on when you die and turn into one of the walking corpses yourself.

Zombie attacking the player in no more room in hell game zombie

Zombie game like no other

It’s realistic. A bite or two and you are dead. An explosion too close to you and you are blinded for a few seconds with a ringing in your ears. Other people can shoot you just because… and the list goes on. If you’re brave enough to try and survive then you’re welcome to do it with me! Simply add me as a friend on Steam and let me know when you want to go for a little zombie killing rampage 😉


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