The top 3 browser based car driving games you should play

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Even though Adobe has officially pulled the plug on Flash, the Flash player is still used as the most popular medium for bringing browser based gaming on the computer screens of millions of gamers worldwide. Back in the day where flash games were one of the most popular ways of spending your free time at the office, we didn’t really see a lot of 3D browser based games around. This has gradually been changing over the past years and 3D gaming is no longer exclusive to just professional gaming consoles.

3D browser based racing games

I’ve taken the liberty of choosing the top three car driving games from which is a collection of some of the best flash racing games in the industry.

Formula Racer ScreenshotFormula Racer

After just a couple of minutes of playing Formula Racer I was engulfed in the overall atmosphere of the game. Who came up with the soundtrack? I could listen to these tracks all day and not grow tired of it. It’s brilliant!

The handling is relatively easy compared to more professional console games, but it was a lot better than I would have expected from a browser based flash game. The gameplay is rather fast paced and I guess the small hills and valleys are what truly give the 3D effect an excellent finishing touch.

Dusk Drive ScreenshotDusk Drive

Dusk Drive is a tribute to the popular arcade games of the 80’s and now you can relive the thrills of retro gaming in your browser. I love it how the developers have brought a retro-kinda feel to the game in the form of “old” and slightly pixelated graphics and once again the music plays a very important role in providing a rather immersive effect. It’s calm enough to let you enjoy the countryside scenery without falling asleep. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s some mystical aura to the overall game that really takes my mind back to the 80’s. You have to play it in order to feel it!

American Racing ScreenshotAmerican Racing

Compete against reinforced muscle cars, take out your fellow racers by pushing them out of the tracks and use a turbo boost to cheat your way to the top- this is what American Racing is all about! What makes this game stand out is the ability to purchase more horse power and additional rewards using the money you earn as you make your way to the top.

And while it’s not nearly as fast paced as Formula Racer, it has its pros that make it a little bit more realistic. For example when you drive out of the track and onto the grass, your car actually slows down unlike in Formula Racer where your vehicle just keeps going like a jeep.

What the future holds…

The fact that these 3D browser based racing games look and feel pretty much like the most popular racing games for gaming consoles 10 years ago still manages to amaze me and makes me wonder what the gaming industry is like 10 years from today in 2026. It’s gotta be some advanced Virtual Reality, right? I can’t wait to experience this first hand!


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