These are the three best UK based web hosting companies

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Choosing a UK based web hosting company over a host with its datacenter in the US is preferable for various reasons. For example if you happen to know beforehand that the majority of your clients will be from UK or the rest of Europe, then having a UK based datacenter will simply mean that your clients can access your website a lot faster which of course means less drop offs and eventually more sales.

Additionally an overseas web hosting company might not be available for live help and support in the event you run into trouble because of the time zone differences. You’d have to wait at least 7 hours or more for getting any sort of a response from the team because when it’s morning for you, they’re at home sleeping.

UK Based Web Hosting CompaniesList of three best UK based hosting providers

Here’s a list of the top three hosting companies located in the UK according to Top5Hosting who provides professional and to the point web hosting reviews.


SiteGround is a UK based web hosting company that stands out for their excellent customer support skills and server speeds. Top5Hosting, upon pinging their servers from Manchester, got an incredible 7ms response which makes SiteGround one of the fastest hosting providers in UK. They also include the SuperCacher feature in their standard hosting packages so you don’t have to pay extra for that.

TMD Hosting

Another great example of how customer support should work in the modern age is the support ticket system of TMD Hosting. On average, you can expect a response within 15 minutes after submitting your ticket. The support is available 24/7 and they even work on holidays which shows just how dedicated they are. Upon pinging their servers Top5Hosting got a 8.5ms response which is still very good. They are so confident in their superiority over other hosting companies that they offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee which not surprisingly isn’t really used by their satisfied customers.


As a small hosting provider it’s hard to compete against the oldest and world’s largest domain name registrar- GoDaddy. I can remember seeing their logo on the internet as a 10 year old kid way back in 1997 and they’re still providing one of the best and reliable worldwide web hosting services to this day. GoDaddy doesn’t work with outsources and they own and manage all of their data centers in 14 different facilities around the globe making them the go-to web hosting provider for various international businesses.


You should choose your web hosting provider carefully and do all the necessary research before launching your website to the world wide web. The hosting providers I mentioned above are only the three best UK based web hosting companies taken from a list of Top Ten from so if you really want to compare all of the different features and services as well as prices and other variables, you should definitely read more from these guys- they know what they’re doing.


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