Three Angry Birds Games You Can Play In Your Desktop Browser

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Everyone has heard about Angry Birds, a million dollar mobile game franchise built by a Finnish software and game development company- Rovio Entertainment. With millions of people playing the game on their mobile phones every day, it’s no wonder other game developers are after that piece of the pie by creating spin-off versions of the original game that are even more fun to play. It also turns out that Angry Birds game isn’t limited to only your mobile screen any more because you can now enjoy throwing the same birds at one another right here on your laptop and desktop computers.

Angry Birds Space Wormhole ScreenshotAngry Birds Space Wormhole

I love everything that’s even remotely related to outer space and Space Wormhole, from its epic spacey sound effects to the warping of spacetime and FTL travel, is the perfect example of a game that can have me hooked for hours at a time.

The game hud will inform you on the color of the next angry bird, which wave you’re currently playing on and how many birds you have left to clear. You have to match three birds of the same color and send them towards the wormhole to warp to the next level.

Angry Birds - GO ScreenshotAngry Birds GO

If you love horizontal scrolling platform games like the original Super Mario Bros then you’ll enjoy playing Angry Birds spin off game “Go” where you control a red angry bird on its quest for finding all the golden eggs in a world crawling with vicious green pigs who would love to chew you up for breakfast.

The gameplay is rather straightforward and the controls limited to the usual left, right, up and down keys. You can kill your enemies by jumping on their heads just like in many other similar games.

Angry Birds Unblock ScreenshotAngry Birds Unblock

While the two games above only use the same characters from the original game but place them in many different scenarios, the Unblock features everything you are already familiar with from the famous mobile game.

Using nothing but your slingshot, the goal of the game is to shoot the hilariously sounding angry birds towards a wooden plank pig fortress in an attempt to destroy the building and make it crash in on the pigs. Even the funny sound effects alone are worth the play!


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