Travel in style with the worlds smallest Bluetooth headset device – YE-106S review

March 17, 2015 3:22 pm Published by 2 Comments

Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, this stylish and extra small headset will come in handy when someone calls you. Just push the button on the side once to answer a call, or two times to dial the last caller. You can even use it to listen your favorite songs or if your phone has an app for it- use voice commands to browse the web, read email and do all sorts of cool stuff.

ye-106s-bluetooth-headset-wirelessThe battery will last about 4 hours of constant use if you’re listening to music, but when it just sits idle and awaits for incoming calls then it can last a whole day without problems.

The in-ear shape fits so well in your ear that you don’t really need the transparent holder clip, but it’s still advised to use it especially if you’re out cycling because it MAY fall out of your ear.

The sound quality is very good although if you’re out in a windy or crowded place you may have to raise your voice a little for the other end to hear you better. It’s never been a problem though. Of course you can’t compare it with high tech headphones that have bass boosts and other features… but it’s still great.

It’s compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth. It worked well with my Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Galaxy S2 I fixed last year. My Windows 7 laptop recognizes and installs it as a YE-106S Bluetooth headset, but I haven’t figured out why it doesn’t work…

It’s definitely a great headset for the amazingly low price. You’d think it costs a fortune, but they go for $16.99 on Ebay– no joke.


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