TROM is one of the best documentaries to watch

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The Reality Of Me (TROM) is one of the longest documentary films ever created. This 13+ hour long educational movie is packed with life changing revelations about us, humans, surviving on a dying planet. It was made with a single audacious goal in mind- to educate every one of us and make us stop for a moment to take a deep, honest look inside ourselves. Will you like what you see or will it offend you?

Longest of top documentary films

TROM The Reality Of Me Documentary Movie Cover ImageDon’t let the length of this documentary movie put you off. It’s composed of short, easy to digest chapters. You should treat it like a short TV miniseries that actually means something. With the IMDB rating of 8.9 The Reality Of Me is one of the most important movies you will ever watch. And don’t worry, it’s nothing religious and nobody is trying to sell you anything. The following is their official introduction:

The TROM documentary is trying to present, in a simplistic way, the world in which we, human beings, live. The world discovered so far, not some idea or personal choice. Moreover we tried to present alternative solutions to current problems and took into account the future, which promises to be more than interesting. An informative documentary, perhaps shocking and disturbing to many, depending on how you digest the information.


Streaming documentaries vs downloading

Many of you are probably using Youtube to watch documentaries online, but this only works when you are connected to the internet. What if you wanted to watch it with your friends at a campfire for example? Because of the length alone, not to mention the sometimes unreliable internet connection, it’s advised to download the entire TROM documentary and watch it offline.

How to download The Reality Of Me

The torrents from ThePirateBay and KickassTorrents are currently the fastest way to download this movie. And if you’re thinking that torrents are all bad then you’re wrong. Torrents are a very good way to deliver large files from one computer to another using a torrent client. The content just has to be free and not protected by copyright laws, which obviously is not the case with a documentary such as this.


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