Use this Youtube sound downloader to save a Youtube video on your computer

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There are many good reasons why you would want to download Youtube videos and save them on your hard drive instead of watching the videos straight from the browser. For example when you travel to rural regions you might not get access to a wireless hotspot which means downloading a Youtube video beforehand is the only way you would be able to watch it while being offline.

Youtube downloader (freeware)

You can find various online services that promise to convert your Youtube videos into mp3 or mp4 formats, but more often than not the sound quality isn’t nearly as good as you would expect. That’s because most video conversion services degrade the video quality in order to save on overall bandwidth which means that you, the end user, will get a lower quality video or audio file.

Download Youtube videos to your pc

It’s arguable that in some cases the sound quality doesn’t really matter that much. (ie. listening to a recording of a seminar or a how-to guide), but if you wanted to truly enjoy your favorite music tracks then it makes more sense to use a Youtube downloader software that’s specifically designed for downloading off Youtube for high quality playback.

How to use Youtube video & audio downloader

The main user interface for this application couldn’t be simpler. It has a built in drag and drop support which means you can simply drag any Youtube url directly into the program, choose your output file format as mp3 or mp4 depending on whether you need just audio or video as well and then, after clicking the download button, you should receive your file in just a few moments. What’s more, it’s completely free unlike it’s competitors because they get their funding from sponsored advertisements.

A couple of screenshots to demonstrate how easy it is

Download youtube videos How to download Youtube videos


Now you know how you can save any Youtube video to your computer in high quality and in just a few of clicks. Just make sure you don’t download media that you’re not supposed to (you know, the copyright issues and all that). I haven’t personally heard about anyone getting in trouble for this, but you never know. Oh and just in case the link above didn’t work you can visit the Youtube downloader presentation page by clicking here.


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