Wonder Dragons: A match-the-fruits puzzle game with a twist

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Wonder Dragons by Silence World is a new and promising “match 3 game” type puzzle arcade with, you guessed it, a whole new twist in the form of an original plot which makes it stand out from other similar candy and gem matching games out there. Long story short, you take on the role of a hero set out on a quest to help young dragons hatch from their eggs and save the world from evil humans and orcs who are now controlling the sacred lands. Are you up for an adventure?

First impression

Wonder Dragons Game On Play StoreWhen I first found the game on Play Store, I immediately noticed that the installer package was way bigger than other similar games weighing a total of 80.97MB.

At first I thought it was just a poorly compressed file, but after I downloaded and played the game for a while, I realized that there is simply a lot more content in the game than I had previously anticipated.

It’s not just your everyday gem matching game either. It has a very unique storyline that sets it apart from other similar games, it’s free and to my surprise I didn’t notice a single advertisement.

There are of course in-game purchases which are totally optional, meaning you can have a blast playing the entire game without having to whip out your wallet.


Wonder Dragons

When you first launch the game you are seamlessly taken through a short tutorial that explains all of the basics to you immediately.

After you complete the first level, the hint messages pop up again to explain the rest of the gameplay and how you can save your progress if you link the game with your Facebook account which, by the way, is seriously a feature that more games should be using already.

Not your regular fruit matching game

You’d think that it’s the same old “match 3” game, but you’ll be surprised at how different it actually is. For starters, you are limited to only a certain number of moves and using your finite moves, you have to help hatch a dragon’s egg (complete the level).

Just like in other similar games, you have to match fruits that share the same color, but unlike it’s competitors, you aren’t constrained by matching only vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You can also do this, for example:

Matching up green fruits

Game progression

I have only completed a couple of levels, but I can already feel the overall fast paced progression of this game.

I have to admit, It’s a bit easier than others because you have simply more options to match the fruits, but because of this you also get to unlock different baby dragons faster and move on with the game’s main plot which is to save the world!

It’s definitely a game I would recommend to anyone who loves the classic analogs as well as younger players who tend to be less patient with old puzzle games. You don’t get bored easily when playing Wonder Dragons!


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