About me

Hi, I’m Frank!

I’m a self-taught web developer fluent in HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. I know that most agencies work with various frameworks so I’m happy to announce that I have experience with Underscores and Beans.

I’ve also built two Virtual Reality games using Unity with C#, but I don’t yet consider myself “fluent” in it. The games, if you’re interested, can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store: Apartment 302Blox VR, Haunted Motel

I secretly wish to one day make a living building games, especially Virtual Reality games because VR is just plain awesome. Don’t you agree?


I’d love to hear about your next web project and help out where I can, because actively participating and actually building something with my own hands, is the best way to learn new stuff. And there’s a whole lot of new stuff to be learned in this industry!

You can contact me directly on Facebook so the next time you find yourself looking for a profitable web designer to build something for you, make sure to give me a shout. I’m more than happy to work together!

You can also find me on Upwork and Fiverr.