I’m Frank. The main antagonist of the game.

Now for the time being I’ve put a temporary hold on its development, but I do plan to continue in the future. What am I talking about? Well the virtual reality game Haunted Motel of course. This is where you, the player, will eventually meet your maker by the hand of yours truly.

Yeah. I’m hell bent on killing all intruders. You see we had a nice thing going in the motel. Up until you decided to bust in and snoop around. Some things are better left untouched. Some things are better left unseen.

All I wanted was a peace of mind. All I wanted was to mourn alone in my room.

Confused much?

I’d be too, but don’t worry, I will explain.

This above was an edgy introduction to the virtual reality game I am developing. It’s a one man project and I’ve been at it for 6 months total I think. Followed by a 2 year break… because I was broke so I took on a mind numbing full time job.

Just the way I like it. Because I have depression. There I said it. I got depression. Haha. It’s hilarious. It’s an excuse not to do things, I know. But I still have it. I’ve admitted it and now I choose to ignore it. All for the sake of the game story. It’s going to be that much better when I put all of my depression into it. I’m sure of it.

At first I released Haunted Motel on Google Cardboard. But then Cardboard got outdated and stupid and after Google decided to remove the demo from Play Store, because the game didn’t have a proper privacy policy, I thought it would make more sense to release it on Gear VR (eventually).

Actually I lied

I don’t like my mind numbing job at all. I hate it. But obviously I suck at everything else, otherwise someone would have hired me by now. So for the time being I’ll just continue to numb my brain. Fuck I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life any more. Err… to my surprise I actually learn a shit ton about gardening and growing plants. It’s actually kind of decent. A stress free environment. Perhaps it’s just the thing that was missing from my life. Hmmm…

What an epic portfolio, huh?

Meh. It’s best to just be honest about myself. Every other portfolio out there is filled with lies and glorified images of oneself. At least this portfolio is genuine. I like to think I’m a genuine person. Distant and antisocial, sure. But genuine. I’ll repeat it one more time just so we can both believe it: I am a genuine person.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle

Ever since I got my first computer I’ve been eager to learn how it works. Naturally I spent most of my early teenage years disassembling and then reassembling various computers. I didn’t have internet access and the only game I played was Wolfenstein 3D. It came on a floppy disk.

In 2002 I was finally connected. From there on I spent most of my free time playing Runescape. I still play it, it’s awesome and I’m one of the few who have been with Jagex since the beginning (almost).

In 7th and 8th grade I was bullied a lot and I guess it scarred me, but when I look back at it now all I can see is a silly little soyboy who didn’t stand up for himself. I don’t really pity him any more. While I think bullies are a bunch of retards, I kind of get it why I was bullied. It makes sense in some weird and twisted way.

I graduated high school with mediocre grades. Thing is, I didn’t do my homework and I didn’t study for the exams at all. I just played Runescape all day.

When the exams were upon us, I just used the knowledge I had learned from simply being in the class. Unlike most of my classmates, I actually listened to the teachers. When I think back at it now, I guess I would have done really good if I would have chosen to actually study a little.

In 10th grade I got really into physics for some reason. I guess it was a combination of smoking a lot of weed and then trying to figure out the meaning of life. That, and I also had the coolest physics teacher in the world who would always go off topic with real deep existential shit. I remember one test we had about the solar system where I had read so much from the internet and various books not meant for high school that I somehow managed to teach my teacher something new. After the class we had a deep conversation about what I had learned. Needless to say I felt really good about myself for a while.

I sucked at math so much that my teacher, while she caught me cheating the final test, still decided to let me pass because she felt sorry for me. Fun fact: later in life, when I learned how to code, I found math to be really interesting and I’ve even taken some random courses online. Go figure…

Another “big moment” I can still vividly remember was when the literature teacher praised me in front of the class for my epic skills of generalization. I had managed to describe a book we had to read with only one sentence. I didn’t really like reading books, but I chose to read that one for no particular reason. I don’t remember anything about it other than it was written by an Estonian.

My own pace

Ever since I was a teenager I enjoyed doing things at my own pace. I didn’t attend to all the classes. Sometimes I would just meet up with my friend and we would smoke weed and go to school only for the lunch break because we got the munchies.

This whole working at my own pace mentality has been with me throughout my life. Just like high school, I never enjoyed having to go to work. I didn’t care about my career back then and I don’t care about my career now. To me it makes absolutely no sense to climb the ladder of success only to die anyway. And unless you are Hitler or Gandhi, nobody will really remember you after you’re gone. So what’s the point?

I feel sorry (actually nope) for the people who spend decades climbing a ladder where the only milestones are reflected by the leading zeroes in their bank statements. It’s another thing to pursue riches for the sake of irony, but if you truly believe that it will somehow make you happier or live a more fulfilling life then you’re in for a rude awakening.

That said, one of my life goals is to buy a Lamborghini and treat it as if it were a $300 budget car. You know what? I actually don’t even like a Lamborghini. I’m more of a Ferrari Testarossa kind of guy. I loved the 80’s so much…

In my mind the only valid ladder one can choose to climb is the ladder on which good and evil are relative and, once climbed, impacts the society as a whole in a way that changes the timeline forever. Unfortunately most people, myself included, are too afraid to go all in.

All I want to do is enjoy life and only do things that genuinely interest me. I don’t have time for bullshit. That’s one of the reasons I spend most of my free time learning new things in web development, virtual reality and music theory. Oh and smart contracts as of last year.

My biggest blunders

To the best of my knowledge I have made three really huge mistakes in my life so far.

The first blunder was when I was offered €5000 for a project I had developed. I chose not to sell it because I thought I would make so much more in the long term. Obviously I failed and the project is now dead. A lesson that I thought I learned from it was that sometimes it’s better to not be thinking long term. Especially if you suck at strategy games like me.

The second blunder is something I’m sure many of you can relate to. It’s about not getting into Bitcoin in the early days. But unlike most people, I actually knew about Bitcoin in the early days. I simply chose not to deal with it because I thought it must be a scam. What type of a fool do you think I am? I’m definitely not going to install some strange .exe file on my computer so I can send some stupid thing called Bitcoin to other people. Mining Bitcoins you say? Yeah right. I’m good with my e-Gold account thank you very much.

Cringing yet? You better! After I realized the potential of Bitcoin when the price climbed all the way to $100-ish, I decided to get some. I ended up having 14 Bitcoin in total and after the bubble broke at $1200 I just spent it all on drugs and shit on the deep web. If I had just held on to it a little longer I would have more than $200,000 right now. Not to mention the fact that some of the things I ordered got seized by the police and I had to pay huge fines for them. Derp.

And finally the third blunder has to do with another project of mine. It’s still ongoing, but I don’t think much of it any more. Yet a Chinese crypto investor offered me $100,000 worth of Ether for it. An offer which I immediately refused because I thought the project was worth so much more. Guess what? The project is almost dead now.

As of today I work full time as a cashier in a garden supply store. Mindlessly, like a machine, I get to say hello to about 200 people every day. I earn €4.5 an hour and I work 10 hour shifts 3-4 days a week. This translates to around $700 per month. Fortunately I don’t have any expenses as I live in a mobile home and I rarely get to eat a decent meal.

The skills

Being able to find information on the internet is undoubtedly the most valuable skill any developer can have. Fortunately for me it’s still not as simple as just typing whatever into the search field. Indeed finding accurate information at a moment’s notice requires something more.

I’m confident that with my internet skills, if given a task, I will outperform most high end developers with a bunch of certificates and other useless labels.

I suck at time frames though. When I say I will take 2 weeks to finish a project, I might do it in just 2 days, but I might also take 2 months. For me, developing something is sort of like art to an artist. It doesn’t just come on demand. Instead it “happens” when I get into the zone. I fucking love the zone. I can spend more than 12 hours straight working on a project without stretching my legs. Autism.jpg

So what am I really good at?

As a personality trait, I like to understand how things work and I don’t spend time putting up a facade. I’m introverted and I don’t talk much in real life. So…

… It took me a while but I eventually realized that I am not very good at designing the web. Instead I’m more of a coder. A back-end developer. The man behind the curtain.

While I was really into php, sql, java and c# back in the day, I have now realized the potential of Blockchain technology. Smart Contracts to be more precise. And since the first and most sophisticated Smart Contracts enabled platform was Ethereum, I thought it was a good idea to learn Solidity.

After going through the CryptoZombies course 3 times and after reading countless of tutorials and questions on Stack Overflow, I can now call myself a solidity developer.

Things I’ve built

I enjoy making electronic music occasionally. And after years of experimenting, I believe I have finally managed to find my genre. I don’t know what to call it, but I think we can both agree that my top music tracks all have something in common.

I also enjoy making video games. I’ve built Apartment 302 which is a virtual reality music video. It’s basically just Henry’s living room (from Silent Hill 4) with the game’s soundtrack playing in the background. A lot of people seemed to like it so I guess I need to make more of these Silent Hill experiences, huh?

Another thing I’ve received positive feedback from others are my Tomb Raider custom levels I built years ago. I especially enjoyed watching this guy struggle to get through Four Lost Keys – a custom level based on the 1996 Tomb Raider 1 engine.

Obviously an ongoing process is Haunted Motel which I envision being the most important game of my life. The idea is to keep adding content to it so it probably won’t have a traditional ending. It’s a virtual reality horror game with subtle hints about the mishaps and failures of my own life. Basically I want the motel to be a representation of the inner workings of my mind. I’m going to lay it all out in the open. It’s up to you how you interpret it.

Additionally I am working on a really big crypto project called CLIXToken. Hopefully it will turn out to be a success and perhaps it can be my way of changing the timeline ever so slightly. I don’t know yet. Sometimes it’s difficult to have so many pending projects and so little time to complete them. I would really appreciate some help guys… which brings me to the final topic for the day.

I created my own cryptocurrency! It’s called Ynef Coin and it is a completely useless coin. I like to call it the coin of broken dreams. Despite its seemingly useless nature, it’s the only form of money that I accept should you wish to hire me. So if you want me to work for you, you need to buy Ynef Coin first and then pay it back to me. Get it?

Actually you should buy Ynef Coin anyway. There are only 1 million coins in existence so it’s pretty rare stuff.

For a long time I wanted to be a web designer and I kept fooling myself into thinking I was good at it. I’ve left the web design category open for everyone to witness my awful taste. Other than that, feel free to look around my portfolio.