Autumns Touch WordPress Theme

Autumn’s Touch

Autumn’s Touch is a lightweight, SEO optimized and responsive WordPress theme.


Fast and clutter free

Because Autumn’s Touch is a child theme of Beans you will instantly benefit from smooth and crazy fast website loading speeds. All parts of the theme are loaded only when needed. There is no useless clutter.

Beans will automatically compress CSS and Javascript into one file which is minified and cached on a per page basis if need be.


Main features

  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Touch screen ready
  • Custom header background
  • Fixed main menu on top
  • Two column layout


Free Download


PRO features (appear in Customizer)

Autumn’s Touch is free to use both commercially and non commercially. However if you purchase the Autumn’s Touch PRO version you will benefit from the following special features that make the theme even more useful:

  • Easy copy & paste Google Analytics code into header
  • Show AdSense or other ad block after the 1st paragraph of every post
  • Social icons (Facebook, Twitter) with your username on top navigation menu
  • Skull background image as seen on screenshot


Why should you purchase the PRO version?

It’s true that you can achieve every PRO feature above by installing some free plugin(s).

However too many plugins are extra clutter that will dramatically slow down your website loading speed. And since Google now takes loading speed into consideration ranking-wise, it’s safe to say that the less clutter your website has the higher it will rank in Search Engines.

Therefore you should definitely get the PRO version of Autumn’s Touch if you care about your website and wish to rank higher than your competitors.