Four Lost Keys

Four Lost Keys is a Tomb Raider custom level based on St. Francis Folly from Tomb Raider 1 (1996).

I built this custom level way back in the year 2012 using an unofficial Tomb Raider level editor, the Dxtre3d– a project which at the time of writing has unfortunately been abandoned.

I decided to add this game to my portfolio mainly to demonstrate my level design skills. When you play the game, you are taken back to the starting room a few times in the most unexpected ways showing just how intertwined all of the different rooms actually are.

Four Lost Keys Frank Petser First Room

There’s also that confusing labyrinth to mess with you and a couple of puzzles that will make even the most seasoned Tomb Raider fan stop and say “What the ****?”

Hallway of death frank petser four lost keys

The lack of weapons (you have the pistols) and medipacks combined with brutally hard enemies, traps and puzzles make this Tomb Raider custom level a real pain in the ass. Seriously.

Four lost keys insane skater boy bad guy mob

In spite of all of that, It’s still one of the most highly rated custom levels within the Tomb Raider fans community! (Reviews)

Download the game

Hint: While in the game, press F1 for better graphics!