hey monica

Hey Monica featuring PewDiePie

As always I am a little late to the party. But a few months ago Hej Monika song was actually a decent meme. If you’re interested watch this video and learn more.

Hey Monica

Anyway, I thought I’d use my “style” and my favorite synths to mix together my own version of the song. And I kind of like it. However it can be rather disturbing when listening with shitty speakers or when your treble is too high. So beware!

I submitted it to PewDiePieSubmissions but it only got like 3 likes or something. So it probably isn’t as good as I think it is. Well fuck that. If I enjoy it then it’s all that matters. (no salty).

Notable stuff

As usual I’ve used my distorted kicks and snares. I still haven’t tweaked them to perfection but I keep a set of custom presets around at all times.

Then there’s the glitching effect I tried to achieve. On the lyrics I mean. You’ll notice it shortly I’m sure.

And finally the wobble. You gotta have a wobble in your songs am I right?