Michael’s Experiment (Vsauce)

Right after seeing the first episode of Mind Field I thought I have to make a remix about it. It was just so surreal and cool like you wouldn’t believe.


Basically what Michael did was he locked himself up in a room for 3 days. Just to see what would happen. And at first nothing happened. He was just bored. But eventually his sense of time went completely out of whack, he became miserable and started hallucinating. All from simply being alone in a room with nothing to do. I really, really recommend watching this episode. It’s free even though it’s a Youtube Red episode.

Michael’s Experiment, the remix

I decided to make it as simple as possible. I only used a bass guitar for the bass (lol) a kick, a snare and a repeating set of hi-hats. A minimal amount of effects here and there to make the progression more interesting and voila!

Lyrics for this track:

At the moment I’m feeling… uhh… bored
But obviously nothing dramatic

I am the only person that I’m hanging out with
All of the dreams I’ve had that I remember
Have been about this room
It’s been about me being in this room
And about…

I am so confused

There’s nothing to do but be completely alone
With myself and my thoughts

I guess I should have some breakfast

I don’t know if I slept for eight hours
Or if I slept for three