Morality Serves No Purpose

Morality Serves No Purpose Feat. Jacque Fresco

Morality Serves No Purpose is a mix of some of the smart things Jacque Fresco once said. True, I’ve taken some of the things and mixed them together in a different way. For example he never said (to the best of my knowledge) that morality serves no purpose. But I think it’s a valid statement nonetheless.

What Jacque did say and I happen to agree with him 100% is that morality is an outgrowth of the inability to manage systems. He basically means that people couldn’t figure out how to function as a society and hence morality was born. But morality is highly subjective. So what the actual fuck?

Lyrics for Morality Serves No Purpose

That’s emotions converted to actions
Somebody said do you think machines will have emotions some day?
No they won’t because that serves no purpose
Serves no purpose
That’s emotions converted to actions
Serves no purpose
Free will is an arrogance on the part of man
The assumption that he’s the only object in the world
That does not react to certain stimuli
Morality is an outgrowth of inability to manage systems
Serves no purpose
Serves no purpose

How this track was born

A warm summer’s day. Afternoon. Me and my girlfriend decide to take a bunch of clothes we never wear to the clothes box. You know, the one where you deposit your clothes and they get shipped somewhere. Somewhere where people don’t wear clothes?

As we dump the last batch we notice a guitar. A perfectly intact acoustic guitar just laying behind the clothes deposit box. There was a painting too, but we didn’t take it. There are just too many paintings around our house already.

I sat down and started fiddling with the new found guitar and pretty soon I got this tune stuck in my mind. As my friend Siim taught me in Finland you have to take a tune and play it faster and faster until you fail. Then try again. So I did that. And the tune got stuck in my brain deeper and deeper.

But I don’t really enjoy the sound of a plain acoustic guitar so I decided to use my favorite synths, distort some kicks ‘n snares and add some Jacque Fresco quotes somewhere. The result is a pretty decent track that I love to listen to. Man, I really like my music. I wonder if I’m the only one?

Side note

Fate gives me a free guitar in exchange for a good deed (the clothes thing) and all I can do is whine why I didn’t get an electric one. Yep, that’s me.