Silent Hill 2 – True (Remix by Ynef)

This is a remix of the original track called True from the game Silent Hill 2 by Akira Yamaoka. He’s a pretty cool guy! Featuring Maria Maria is a fascinating character in the game and is most likely just a figment of James’s imagination. You can read more about it here. If you have never […]

Morality Serves No Purpose Feat. Jacque Fresco

Morality Serves No Purpose is a mix of some of the smart things Jacque Fresco once said. True, I’ve taken some of the things and mixed them together in a different way. For example he never said (to the best of my knowledge) that morality serves no purpose. But I think it’s a valid statement […]

Man With The Machine Gun (Remix)

Man With The Machine Gun was originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the game Final Fantasy VIII. This is my version of the game’s theme with a more rock/metal/dubstep feel to it. The original music simply didn’t have enough power in my opinion so I used FL Slayer for the raw metal/rock sound. I don’t know […]


Like most of my music, I created the lead in this track by accident when I was fiddling around with the Sytrus synthesizer. Upon playing this “accident” over and over again I somehow felt nostalgic and decided to go all in by making slight variations to the tune and adding some basic beat. I mixed […]

Psycube deep

I wanted to make something deep (bass) and I’ve always wanted to use that intro somewhere so I put it here. The intro is from Stargate Atlantis when Rodney was sick. The sickness made him forget everything… that’s how I feel most of the time. It’s scary. I have to warn you though, lower the bass. […]

Spring of mellow

The spring of 2015 was just a wonderful time in so many ways. As always, we were wandering around with my friend when this tune started to haunt me out of the blue.

All the happiness can turn around

This one’s from January, 2009 and while the name might suggest that it’s something depressing, I was actually quite happy while making this. I was just scared the feeling wouldn’t last. And of course it didn’t… but the song did 😉