Parim Hind

Parim Hind

Parim Hind (Best Price) is an Estonian android app for the value shopper.

The problem with our supermarkets is that you can get the same item from different stores for completely different prices. Normally the price difference is less than 1 eur, but occasionally it can be as much as 10 eur and more. That’s a lot of money wasted simply because you didn’t know any better.

The idea of this app is to have one single central user moderated database of prices for all the various products sold in our local supermarkets.

Because prices change quite often, the only viable option was to make this app completely user moderated. You don’t need to become verified or anything. Just start using the app and you can add new products and change their prices whenever you notice an error.

In that sense Parim Hind can also be viewed as a type of social experiment. Will the trolls ruin the service for everyone or will the majority of sensible people, who genuinely want to help each other find the best deals, prevail?

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