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Points Incent & Rewards Script

A generic points & rewards script written in PHP.

User authentication is done through Facebook (there is no registration form) because in my opinion registration forms are annoying, nobody ever remembers their passwords on a hundred different sites and this approach should in theory reduce fraudulent signups because a valid Facebook account is required.

How it works?

A user authenticates via Facebook and the script will automatically generate a basic profile for that user in your database.

The user is asked to choose the reward they would like to receive from a list of available gifts. There is also an option to send in a new gift request should the user want something that isn’t currently offered.

select your reward

The next page is the “members area” that your user will see every time they come back to your website. On this page they can see their points balance, number of referrals, their referral link, details about their chosen reward and a list of available offers based on their geographical location.

members menu

The referral earnings percentage is currently set to 5% but can easily be changed if needed.

Currently there is automated postback set up only for the AdWorkMedia publisher network because of their excellent payout and conversion rates but I can add more networks if required.

Live demo

You can see the script in action here: which is a fully functional rewards website that offers Free Steam Keys as gifts. Go ahead, try it 😉

Edit. NOPE. Doesn’t work any more. Dead project.