80s Gamer Theme

The 80’s Gamer

The 80’s Gamer is a retro style WordPress theme I built for my blog. It’s based on the Beans framework and reflects my love for the 80’s as well as retro games in general.



Overall the layout is very similar to Messages From Outer Space- a theme that I used and updated periodically for almost three years straight. The only real difference layout-wise is probably in the sidebar which now has bigger blocky links for the Recent Posts widget.

Other than that it’s your common two-column WordPress theme with the main content on the left and everything else on the right sidebar. Oh and there’s of course the top navigation menu for the most important stuff. (it sticks!)


Things I learned…

The 80’s Gamer was definitely not built to keep up with the current web design trends.

That said, I did put a lot of effort into typography and I hope that what I learned from the Typography Handbook will make reading my blog a little easier for the user.

I chose 1.25em as the base font-size for paragraphs with a line-height of 1.5. The bigger text looks really good, at least for my eyes. And because it’s said that a single line in a typical paragraph should have around 60-70 characters I set the max-width of my paragraphs to 640px.

I also realized that many web designers are implementing the Golden Ratio into their designs. Well, why not? With Modular Scale by my side, I set the font-size for my h1, h2 and h3 headings by multiplying the base font-size (1.25em) with 1.618 (the Golden Ratio). The result does seem a little more attractive, don’t you think?

And finally I learned how to make that cool split background effect while building this theme. Turns out it’s as simple as using the background-image property like this:

background-image: linear-gradient(-65deg, rgba(120,21,101, 1) 45%, rgba(28,77,164, 1) 0);

Where -65deg sets the angle of the diagonal and 45% the location.