Much Random [Related Posts]

WordPress Plugin: Much Random [Related Posts]

A plugin for WordPress to display (in the site’s footer) up to three related posts from the same category of the current post.

This plugin is especially useful for the bloggers who don’t use featured images by default as it will use the posts first image as its thumbnail instead.

The thumbnail will fade out on hover and will reveal the post’s title– a convenient way to save up that valuable footer space.

Download version 0.0.1

Depending on how much support this plugin will get, I might add a ton of customizable features like how many posts to display as well as custom styling and other features. Oh and it’s my first ever WordPress plugin!

Edit of 2019

Yeah this one’s pretty much dead too. I mean it works and to the best of my knowledge there aren’t any vulnerabilities present, but there are just so many better alternatives to choose from now. Still, it’s something nice I made that still works and I learned how to develop WordPress plugins so all in all I can call it a win.