Your kid can learn the basics of Taido by playing a video game

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I was recently contacted by a guy whose life passion is Taido, a Japanese martial art which resembles Karate in many ways, but has been adapted to the changing world with an emphasis on the more flexible and universal form of personal development. The guy who contacted me feels like people don’t really understand or know what Taido really is and since it’s his life passion, he has made a free mobile game for kids in an attempt to get the younger generation more excited with this majestic martial art.

Learning Taido moves

Taido Warrior is a free game where all the moves and fighting techniques at your disposal are taken straight from Taido and made as authentic and real as possible.

Taido Warrior Game Android Windows Apple

The developers have been working hard in making the game, especially the moves themselves, very life like in a way that you can in fact learn the basic moves simply by playing the game.

The platform support is great too as you can download it on your Android, Apple or Windows device.

Five types of body movement

From the game screenshot above you can see various words like Un, Sen, Hen, etc. Nope, these aren’t just random gibberish, but in fact represent the five types of body movement common for Taido. Here’s what they mean:

Sen – Vertical spinning movement
Un – Ascending and descending wave-like movement
Hen – Falling movement characterized by changing the body’s axis
Nen – Horizontal spinning movement
Ten – Rolling and tumbling movement

The moves above are categories that consist of different moves and combinations of punches and kicks. The last category, Ten, consist of stunning acrobating movements, jumps and back-flips which make it a pretty awesome thing to watch especially if a professional is performing.


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